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EIFS is a highly customizable siding from an aesthetic point of view – with the ability to select from a broad range of colors (unlimited if you consider the matching capabilities), a wide range of textures and an unlimited combination of window trim and moldings. Decoramould products are designed specifically for the EIFS industry – made from the same products as the EIFS wall itself, their trim and moldings are biologically inert and can not rot, warp or become infested like traditional wood trim products. When looking for a maintenance-free trim that will last more than 10 years without needing to be replaced, Decoramould is the preferred choice.

Window Trim

Designed in shapes that are attractive around a window, window trim frames a window, making it appear larger and more pronounced. Trims are typically installed along the sides and top of a window, with a window sill for the bottom of the window in a similar shape to the trim.


Decoramould keystones or polyurethane keystones are commonly installed in the top center of a window. While polyurethane keystones are more ornate than regular keystones, simply adding them to a window will distinguish your windows from similar plain houses.


Quoins are installed on the corner of homes, accenting the very outside dimensions of the home. They provide a visual sensation of sturdiness, making a home appear well-built. Quoins can be installed during the construction or renovation process, or just as easily afterwards.

Trim Colors

There are a number of style options when it comes to deciding what color your exterior trim should be. The majority of the time, a trim color is chosen that is a few shades darker or lighter than the color of the wall itself. It’s a safe bet that the two colors will mesh well together, and creates a very nice accenting effect.

Trim Texture

Typically, the texture of a trim resembles that of concrete. If they are painted with an exterior-grade masonry paint or with an EIFS-manufacturer paint (with sand texture), the texture of the molding itself will show through. On flat pieces of trim, a skilled EIFS applicator can actually apply a trowel-applied texture that can match a wall.

Spraying the EIFS finish coat provides a texture that is very bumpy and resembles stone more than a precast product. It should be noted that spray-applied finishes don’t tend to last as long as painted or trowel-applied finishes.

The overall effect of having a trim with a different color and texture is very elegant.

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View all the wall Medallions.

Medallions ranked by their width

This graphic orders the Medallions available through Decoramould by their width. Begin by measuring the width and height available on your wall, and browse through the available Medallions. Anything above the largest possible Medallion you can fit is a good choice – the Medallion does not necessarily need to fill the entire space. Smaller ones provide just as much of a focal point.

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