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EIFS tape is a self-adhesive membrane that is made from a rubberized asphalt that has been laminated to a polyester fabric. The fabric helps to strengthen , providing a stronger, more crack-resistant bond  with most exterior coatings to provide a self-sealing, waterproofing layer. It is primarily used around windows and doors, taping panel seams and [...]
Insulating your home with EIFS is a huge investment in not only the comfort of your home, but the value of it. The comfort of not having drafty rooms that you or your children have to sleep in can’t be measured in dollars. In measurable terms of value however, the insulation that is added reduces [...]
Toronto and it’s surrounding area has a large number of brick homes that are reaching the end of their life cycle. While brick is a great siding material by most standards, it tends to fundamentally lack in two primary aspects: …

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Stucco (or more accurately, EIFS) is enormously popular on homes in and around the Greater Toronto area due in large part to it’s great aesthetic appeal and it’s ability to insulate, thereby reducing heating and cooling bills. It’s become a …

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Dryvit’s Outsulation is a proprietary EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System) that ranks among the most popular in the world. Over the decades, Dryvit products have been rigorously tested and improved into a product that today stands at the forefront of the EIFS industry, and building industry in general.

Decoramould’s exterior trim products can be installed during a number of stages of a Dryvit Outsulation installation. The moldings can either be installed directly onto Dryvit’s Backstop NT, the rigid EPS (Expanded Polystyrene, styrofoam) boards, or onto the base coat.

Actually,  all trims (including window headers, trims, sills, keystones, moldings, cornices, columns, pilasters and quoins) can be installed directly onto the Dryvit finish coat, even long after the original installation is complete! Contact us for more details.

Decoramould has the capability of manufacturing our various molding and trim products with 100% Dryvit materials on request, including their styrofoam, mesh and base coat. This is all done according to our stringent quality standards, which leaves you with a wall that is completed entirely with Dryvit products. This is ideal for general contractors, stucco contractors and architects who wish to simplify their project by ensuring that quality products are used all-around. Contact Decoramould to request your order be completed with Dryvit materials.

The insulation portion of Exterior Insulation Finish Systems requires that a notched trowel is used in conjunction with the respective manufacturer’s cement adhesive. The insulation is to be installed in vertical ribbons to facilitate drainage and prevent moisture from becoming trapped.

But what sort of notched trowel is to be used exactly? There are dozens (possibly hundreds) of variations, some for tile, some for stucco, and some for EIFS.  Most notched trowels will be 11″ wide x 4.5″ deep, with the blade made from stainless steel. When looking at notched trowels, the following needs to be considered:

  • Type of notch: square, rectangular round, elliptical, triangular
  • Size of notch: ranging from 1/8″ upwards of 1″ (or more)
  • Spacing of notches: ranging again from 1/8″ upwards of 2″ (or more)
  • Right handed versus left handed
  • Handle material and shape
1/2"x1/2"x2" EIFS Notched Trowel

1/2"x1/2"x2" U-Shaped EIFS Notched Trowel

While each EIFS manufacturer has their own specifications, the “standard” seems to be: 1/2″ deep x 1/2″ wide square-notches with 2″ spacing. Handles (shape and material) and which hand (left vs. right) is usually left up to the contractor, to decide which is more comfortable.

Marshalltown EIFS Notched Trowels can be found at:


Don’t forget that there are inside corner trowels, outside corner trowels, various finish coat floats and a wide assortment of handles.

I was wondering where I could find this sort of information the other day. Excuse the bad picture. Transcript below. Homes in Toronto are aging. That typically means they need repairs or full retrofits depending on the original quality of …

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All of this equipment and supplies would be familiar to an Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems contractor, however a home owner looking to do their own shed or garage might not realize they need many of the tools required. While we …

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