Insulating your home with EIFS is a huge investment in not only the comfort of your home, but the value of it. The comfort of not having drafty rooms that you or your children have to sleep in can’t be measured in dollars. In measurable terms of value however, the insulation that is added reduces [...]

To make EIFS more resistant to impact damage, most EIFS manufacturers supply a thicker mesh referred to as “Heavy-Duty Mesh” or “High-Impact Mesh”. This is a 20-oz mesh that is installed in addition to the standard 4-oz mesh used over the insulation in EIFS to make it more durable and requires an additional layer of basecoat. 2 layers of 20-oz mesh can be added to maximize the impact resistance. Testing with such installation methods has shown that it is effective in preventing damage from a sledge hammer, screwdriver and even projectiles.

The following video from BASF demonstrates some testing using 2 layers of 20-oz mesh.

Heavy duty mesh is only required where there is a higher chance that something large or heavy can damage the wall, or where vandalism is a concern. Typically this is the first 6 feet in height of a wall, with a focus around areas of high traffic requiring durability such as sidewalks, loading docks and doors. This will minimize the investment required, compared to doing a full height of 20 feet, while still providing the coverage needed.

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